#LGBT Proposal

The research that I hope to conduct comes from the hashtag LGBT which is associated with  The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &Transgender Community.  I am interested in studying this hashtag because I feel that the rights of the LGBT community should be constantly recognized and promoted by any person who supports human rights. Many fail to realize the harsh criticism, bullying, backlash, and hate that, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals receive. Additionally, many of their supporters receive this criticism. By posting with this hashtag this community can spread love, raise awareness, and allow for a better understanding of a lifestyle that those in the LGBT Community were born into. I believe #LGBT to be a positive feed in which the LGBT community and their supporters can post their thoughts and feelings. Being able to relate to another person in a similar situation, in even the smallest way, can make a difference in someone’s life.

In my study, I hope to learn about the struggles that those in the LGBT community have faced and overcome, changes that can be made to create a more accepting society, steps that others have taken to support the community, and actions that I can take to make a difference. Although I may not always be able to relate to certain posts, it is important and insightful to realize the struggles that others are facing.

I am familiar with the #LGBT text, as a supporter of the community, a friend, and relative to members involved. I have further familiarized myself with the community by visiting websites, reading #LGBT tweets and tweets associated with it, and reading associated news articles, and finding media outlets that support the community. Other communities that are associated with this hashtag include, but are not limited to: The Human Rights Campaign, NOH8 Campaign,  GLAAD, Gay Star News, and The LGF.  Celebrities, activists, bloggers, and news outlets tweet using #LGBT on any given day. It is an extremely popular hashtag which continues to expand.

People are constantly tweeting the #LGBT. News updates, stories, experiences, and updates are constantly shared. Twitter allows for an easier, more accessible way for communication of subjects on this topic.

#LGBT Proposal

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