#WeNeedDiverseBooks: Analysis of a Hashtag

#WeNeedDiverseBooks is a big deal in literature for youth, but its hashtag is a bit less of a community than I expected.

The majority of this blog post was composed in ZenPen. Here is non-Photoshopped proof.
The majority of this blog post was composed in ZenPen. Here is non-Photoshopped proof.

In the past two weeks of tracking the tag, the hashtag has been used in 5,317 different tweets. (This data is based on modifications I made to only track tweets from accounts with 20 or more followers, since many accounts with fewer have spammed the tag in the past.)The user who tweets the most is MadhuriBlaylock, who has used the hashtag 1,271 times in the past two weeks. (She has also retweeted one of my usages of the tag.) After that, the users with the next highest number of tweets using the hashtag had fewer than fifty instances.

Most of what is discussed in the tag is sharing and re-sharing of articles related to diversity in literature. Since it is Black History Month, a lot of the tweets have to do with African-American literature.

TAGS Visualization
TAGS Visualization

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of conversation going on in the tag. Most of these tweets are just people sharing articles, without retweeting others or adding anything to the conversation. The TAGSExplorer graph for my archive shows that there are many people using the hashtag, but most of them aren’t talking to each other. The user who started the biggest conversation that’s visible on the graph so far has only had their tweet retweeted many times.In conclusion,

I’m a bit surprised that there’s not a lot of dialogue going on about #WeNeedDiverseBooks within its hashtag. Maybe I have to get some started, then!

#WeNeedDiverseBooks: Analysis of a Hashtag

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