Kim’s Reflections on ZenPen

ZenPen was a different sort of writing tool. With its vast white spaces and lack of features, it was like an alien version of the other softwares I’ve used. It has all of the necessities of a good writing space, but somehow, something about it felt off to me.

My first issue was the look of it, the sheer amount of whitespace on the screen and the size of the text. I have sensory integration issues, so looking at a blank white screen is actually painful for me if I do it for too long. (This makes it hard to be a writer sometimes without dimming the screen significantly.) I didn’t play around with the features enough to discover that there’s a way to invert the colors, but I’ll admit that, now that it’s been pointed out to me, it does help a lot.

Regular colors...
Regular colors…
Inverted colors. MUCH better.
Inverted colors. MUCH better.

The font issue is merely a matter of me being ridiculously picky. I don’t like sites where the text isn’t 11 or 12-point font because I can’t see as much at once. There’s a benefit to this, of course, but for me it’s just frustrating.

As for it causing minimal distractions because of its lack of features, well… allow this screenshot to say my thoughts.

Screenshot 2015-02-22 at 3.20.19 PM

Returning to ZenPen for a re-appraisal, however, I found a bit more to like about it. Not being able to check my word count without setting a goal is still annoying, but everything else is sort of interesting. It’s hard to figure out what kind of writing to do on the site: it’s definitely not suited for writing a novel, of course, and it doesn’t have enough features to make for an ideal place to compose essays for school.

However, if you’re looking to jot down words quickly, it’s not a bad choice. On ZenPen, it’s not hard to reach your word count in a short amount of time if you jump into full screen and just keep tapping keys. It could be a good place to punch out a quick draft of a blog post or essay questions. It may even be ideal for beginning a short story if you just want to get to writing right away. The hardest part of writing is starting, and ZenPen makes it very easy to start.

I think I’m going to keep working with ZenPen every so often. It has potential to be very useful to me if I can get past my problems with the way it looks.

Kim’s Reflections on ZenPen

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