#Autism – Study

My name is Adam Goscinski, I am an elementary education student at Rowan University. During the summer, I work as a para-professional for a high school student with autism, in an extended school year program. I have followed, #Autism on Twitter, for the past two years. It provided me with essential information that has improved my success in the classroom, and the success of my student. My research will explore the beneficial differences #Autism has over the other hashtags associated with the subject. This study is based on the opportunities provided by the active member’s. I will archive the tweets using this hashtag, to discover the importance of a diverse community. There are doctors, family members, teachers, and parents using the hashtag #Autism, and my main focus will be the relationships they have and the resources they create.

This is an ongoing research study and my blog will be updated accordingly, leading to a final post/paper. I will archive the influential Tweets, using Martin Hawksey’s TAGS 6.0 Google Drive integration system. This research study is an assignment for one of my classes: “Writing, Research, and Technology – Spring 2015.” For more information on the guidelines to this assignment, please visit my professor’s website: williamwolff.org

Feel free to contact me on Twitter: @AdamCGoscinski


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