#WeNeedDiverseBooks Study

My name is Kim Broomall. I am a student at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. I am a supporter of the We Need Diverse Books movement, because, well, how can anyone aspiring author not support it? I’ve been critically reading children’s and teen books since I was fourteen years old, and I know how important reading is to young people. While it’s true that any good book can appeal to any reader, it’s also true that there simply are not enough books with diverse protagonists. Children and teens of different races, sexual orientations, gender identities, disabilities, etc. need to be able to see characters like themselves in the books that they read.

Our world is changing and becoming more diverse every day. Our literature needs to reflect that, especially that which is intended for youth.

For the next couple of months, I will be researching the #WeNeedDiverseBooks hashtag on Twitter. I am doing this to observe the We Need Diverse Books community on Twitter, to become familiar with and apply theory to communities, to learn Grounded Theory, and to expand my writing skills to include theory-driven data analysis.

This study is not being done to prove or disprove a point; rather, it is to collect and analyze data.

Tweets will be archived using Martin Hawksey’s TAGS 6.0 Google Drive integration system, and I will also be analyzing TAGS 5.0 network visualizations.

Results will be posted on this blog, and in an essay that runs 10 to 12 pages.

For more information on this project, click here:


You can also contact me on Twitter @broomallk3.

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